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No matter what your cooling problem may be, we can find the perfect solution.

Just like any complex mechanical system, with years of wear and tear, eventually your air conditioner will break down and become less efficient. Certain parts may fail, and while sometimes, repairs can keep things up and running, but at some point, you'll need to make a decision between continued or costly repairs, or simply replacing the AC unit.

Our experts can help you make an installation decision that's right for you, and provide you with the information you need to weigh the advantages of either repairs or replacement.


From choosing the best AC system to meet the cooling needs in your home, to providing you with a world-class installation service, you can count on Sons of Air Cooling and Heating for all of your installation and replacement needs.

When we arrive at your home or business, you can count on us to:

  • Be ready to diagnose and solve your cooling concerns

  • Walk you through the ideal cooling solution

  • Present a complete estimate with all details included

  • Stand behind our installation with a 5-10 year warranty


Air Conditioning Repairs You Can Rely On All Summer Long

Professional upkeep and repairs are the key to ensuring that your air conditioner will work at peak efficacy from one year to the next. When you have a cooling concern in San Antonio, you want prompt attention from Sons of Air Cooling and Heating to banish the heat and humidity.


If you've noticed issues with your air conditioner like strange noises, unusual smells, or faulty thermostat, it's likely your in need of repairs. Or, if you’ve had a sudden sharp increase in utility bills or aren't getting the right cooling for your home, something might be broken inside your AC unit.


These problems won't just go away on their own, and left unresolved, can cause more damage resulting in costly repairs down the line.


Let our experienced AC technicians get to the bottom of it!


We'll identify exactly what is causing the issue, and provide you with an honest recommendation for repair that will bring your air conditioner back to running at peak performance.


Our Services Include:


  • Expert AC Repair, 24 Hours a Day

  • Free Estimates on new installations

  • Central Air Installation

  • Air Conditioning Service, Residential and Commercial

  • Air Conditioning Unit Replacement

  • Financing Available on New Systems

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